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"Where peace of mind is just
another member of the family"

Frequently Asked Questions

Puppies cost $3,200.Pick of the litter of either sex are $3,500.

Over the years, we have created our own breed-specific puppy testing. Each family is assigned a date and time to pick up their puppy. The order families go into the whelping house is based on the order in which deposits are received. When a family comes to pick a puppy, we are here to advise you, tell you about each puppy and answer any questions. The final decision is yours.

The cost of shipping is the responsibility of the new owners.  We will make all flight arrangements.

We do not suggest a young pup stay by itself all day. We would be happy to offer alternative suggestions and coach anyone through the initial adjustment. Older pups can be left outside in a secure kennel or yard with appropriate shelter. We need reassurance that all puppies and adults will be part of your family and their time left outdoors will be kept to a minimum.

Not here.

It depends on the breeding schedule and deposits received. Some litters sell out early. We update this site whenever necessary with new litter information. If you need more information, please give us a call.

Grünberg Shepherds is a business. We treat your investment seriously.  A deposit is a promise to follow through with a sale.  A Grunberg puppy is commitment, not an impulse decision. A deposit ensures that families are serious about their decisions. Wise business practices prove that we are here to stay and will be here to help you in the future.

All puppies must stay on a raw, complete diet as part of our guarantee. Grunberg recommends Wefeedraw as part of a balanced diet.

All Grünberg puppies are sold with a breeder’s first right of refusal. This means you must offer us your dog before you consider anything else.

A well-bred shepherd is certainly a deterrent. Protection training is available to handler/canine teams that show harmony and cooperation in obedience. 

This is a fallacy. Neutering has nothing to do with aggression and everything to do with temperament. You must also know that your dog must listen to you. Period.

A crate and food (ask us before you buy). A rolled leather collar, which doesn’t break hairs. A good leather leash. You really don’t need a lot, as you are your puppy’s best supply!

For free? No.


Puppy Deposit Contract

Puppy Guarantee/Bill of Sale

Hip positioning video

In addition, all pups are raised on a raw, whole foods diet. Please chose the complete diet that is right for your family and pup from the following link:
Grunberg has worked closely with this reputable company and we highly recommend their offering of high quality, US sourced proteins. Call today to create an easy subscription for your pup.