Grünberg Shepherds

"Where peace of mind is just r
another member of the family"

Grunberg's announcement regarding the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021

Grunberg is announcing a change in policy in light of the terrible events on this day, January 6, 2021. My family watched in horror as our Capitol was stormed by Trump supporters and white supremacists. We believe that these people are traitors to the United States of America along with the leader they follow. It is a direct betrayal of our Constitution.

I have tried to keep politics separate from business but my Italian patience is at an end. I have Jewish family members whom I love and this administration along with many Republican officials support white supremacy and Naziism.

From this date forward, Grunberg will not do business with any Trump supporter. Period. No puppy, no dog, no training, no advice. I love this country and I refuse to give aid to anyone who supports sedition.