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"Where peace of mind is just r
another member of the family"

Nationally recognized canine neurosurgeon/neurologist
and her puppy, Tilly


Grunberg Shepherds Asheville North Carolina

I had the opportunity to spend two days with Marisa and her wonderful dogs while finalizing the acquisition of Tilly (aka Matilda, aka Katja), a puppy from the August 22, 2014 welping of Kira/Goran litter.

I have searched and researched breeders for the past 2 years and was fortunate enough to find Grunberg Shepherds. What attracted me to Grunberg Shepherds was Marisa’s commitment to breeding for dogs with emotional stability and physical functionality. As a Veterinary Neurologist/Neurosurgeon, I sadly see so many dogs, German Shepherds included, lacking in both these areas often leading to heartbreak given an emotionally unstable and/or physically challenged animal needing extensive behavioral and medical care.

I have loved the German Shepherd breed all my life but have been worried about the “German Shepherd” I was seeing as a veterinarian. I knew I needed a stable dog to join my pack, including several dogs with neurological issues. I simply couldn’t take the risk of bringing in an animal that wasn’t emotionally sound. Watching my older “rescue” German Shepherd struggle with her orthopedic and neurological issues, I knew I also wanted an animal with a body meant to function well for a long lifetime.Tilly - Grunberg German Shepherd

When I walked into Marisa’s home, I was greeted by 10 yr old Goran, the sire of Tilly, who’s SCh 3, FH1, KK1, and fully trained service dog, and Annie, 13 yr old retired SCh 3 brood bitch. While the credentialing of both are impressive in their own right, I was absolutely blown away by how welcoming both were, after getting the “ok” from Marisa that I wasn’t an intruder, I was especially blown away by how well both were moving! Professionally, I watch dogs move all day long and have a keen understanding of form and function.

Goran is a stunningly athletic boy who moves flawlessly. Annie, a little more advanced in her age, moves exceptionally well and has a twinkle in her eye and love of life defying her age! I had the honor of spending time with Thor, a handsome beast of a German Shepherd, who at 20 months of age is a fully trained service dog.

I also was privileged to watch Marisa work with one of the loves of her life, Rune, who at 6 months of age, epitomizes what the German Shepherd breed is: intuitive, intelligent, and with a body meant to and able to work! I was smittened to say the least. The love fest only deepened when I was introduced to Tilly. I have never seen a puppy move with the grace and fluidity of an adult animal until meeting Tilly and Greta, her sister. Both have amazing structure and confirmation. Both are exceptionally well balanced girls in the two areas which I believe make the most phenomenal companion and working dog: emotionally and physically fit. They are bred to perform and have an inner confidence which helps them interact intelligently with their surroundings. Tilly has adjusted to her new pack without any hiccups. She loves coming to work with me and being an ambassador. Tilly has exceeded all my hopes and expectations, she is one of the most athletic dogs I’ve ever encountered and her intelligence is scary (in a good way!) on a grand scale. I only hope I can keep ahead of her and keep her motivated to be the very best she can be.

I wholeheartedly recommend Grunberg Shepherds to anyone who knows the German Shepherd breed and what it was originally breed to do. Grunberg Shepherds strives to produce animals with those traits: intelligent, courageous, and with an outstanding functional confirmation.

Joli Jarboe

Canine Neurosurgeon/Neurologist