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Search and Rescue performance team with Christian and Rayne


Grunberg Shepherds Asheville North Carolina

Dear Marisa,

It’s so hard to believe that our family’s relationship with you and Grunberg Shepherds began almost 13 years ago when I contacted you about a GSD puppy for my husband. Now 13 years and 4 Grunberg GSDs later, I sit here writing a letter to thank you for breeding the most well-tempered, stable and athletic GSDs I know. Every dog we have purchased from you has been a huge part of our family. Although each has his own personality, we always rest easy knowing that no matter how different their personalities, the one thing they have in common is great genetics. No job is ever too tough for a Grunberg Shepherd.

I remember reaching out to you in late summer of 2016. I decided I wanted to be a working dog handler in the field of Search and Rescue. Me, the one with absolutely no K9 training experience, decides to call Grunberg Shepherds because I just knew that I couldn’t go wrong with a Grunberg puppy. Marisa, when we spoke that evening, you were so patient as I flip flopped from one question to another. You listened to my questions and answered them with expert advice and for the questions we didn’t know, you were resourceful in getting the answers. After our research and your guidance, a deposit was made on a puppy from the Inka/Lucien breeding. Excitement is an understatement when I think back to puppy day, November 21, 2016. The day I got to bring my Grunberg puppy, Rayne, home. Your guidance in picking the right puppy couldn’t have been more on point. So that November day will forever be embedded in my heart because that’s the day our journey began.

Grunberg Shepherds Asheville North CarolinaSince then we have joined a Search and Rescue Organization, we have trained in many different states and even participated in a K9 biathlon. We received our first GAK9 level 1 trailing certification when she was 7 months old. We also have 2 national tracking/trailing certifications and have recently started detection work for Human Remains. Local police K9 handlers have invited us to their weekly training which is a lot of fun. Rayne is driven to work and committed to what ever task we throw at her. I’m the weakest end of the leash and her patience with me far exceeds many humans I know. Training is not always easy. There are ups and downs, there’s progress and there are setbacks, but I wouldn’t change any of it. We never give up! Rayne and I will continue this SAR journey and welcome the challenges and obstacles that await us. Because we as a team have what you often call “true grit”.

A nice compliment Rayne received was when the chief of our group made a comment that I was fortunate because 9 times out of 10 a handler doesn’t get the perfect SAR K9 the first go around. He says Rayne has what it takes to make it the first time around!

So, Marisa, with tears in my eyes and a heart filled with gratitude, Thank you. Thank you for your commitment to the GSD breed.

Thank you for your guidance and for educating me on the breed. And most importantly, thank you for pairing me with the best dog I have ever owned.

Christian McGhee Grunberg Shepherds Asheville North Carolina