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Marisa, German Shepherd breeder in Asheville, North CarolinaAbout Us

Grünberg Shepherds has more than 15 years of experience in Schutzhund work, and we have directed the Green Mountain Schutzhund Club for seven years.

Schutzhund, a sport developed more than 100 years ago in Germany, determines whether German Shepherd Dogs exhibit traits necessary for police-type work. The test, which is extremely difficult to pass, was developed to evaluate more than a dog’s appearance.

Grünberg Shepherds has made its mark on the Schutzhund field. Starting with green German Shepherds, we have titled four dogs and gone to additional higher accomplishments.

Alf Von Der Kaisering Strasse took the New England Regionals. Fax Von Hof Niederzier, SchH III— always pronounced in courage and hardness—claimed not only multiple highs in trial, but has never failed a test on the Schutzhund field.

Grünberg Shepherds has also won NASA (the Canadian Working Dog Championships) two years in a row with different dogs.

Visit Us

Grünberg Shepherds welcomes visitors to our home in Asheville, North Carolina. You need not place a deposit on a puppy to have a personal look at our farm and our dogs. We simply ask that you make an appointment before you arrive.

A visit to our property allows you to see how our dogs interact and respond to their handler. You can see for yourself the beauty and integrity of our animals.

We encourage visitors to note that our house is not in disarray from having dogs living in it! Our well-mannered dogs do not add wear and tear to the house.

Visitors come to Grünberg Shepherds to see our dogs, and we are also pleased to give a general tour of our farm. Children can pet the horses through the stalls in the barn, but we caution our guests: This is a working farm and we do not allow visitors in the pastures. We also do not allow visitors in the whelping house. This is to protect puppies whose immune systems are not yet developed enough to fight against any stray germs inadvertently carried in by a visitor.

Our Philosophy

Our focus in breeding and importing stems from the German standard for the German Shepherd Dog.

Our goal at Grünberg Shepherds is to breed functional dogs with strong, balanced character and superior nerve strength. This combination allows us to guarantee the temperaments of our dogs.

Puppies, which are raised in a wholesome family setting with children, are weaned on fresh goat’s milk and then graduate to organic meats, fruits and vegetables.

The fresh air and wholesome environment in Vermont helps us achieve our goal of providing the best possible dogs in our ability.

Why Grünberg

Puppies are certainly everywhere. Why should you give your most serious consideration to Grünberg Shepherds?

  • We have an outstanding knowledge of pedigrees.
  • We are unwilling to compromise.
  • We take excellent care of our dogs physically—through excercise and diet—and mentally, keeping in mind the canine instincts.
  • We invest money back into the business through cream-of-the-crop breeding stock and the best nutrition and veterinary care incorporating multiple disciplines to achieve the best health.
  • We are focused laser sharp on the original standard of the breed, created by Capt. Max von Stephanitz.

We think of ourselves as a boutique. Think of it this way: Imagine you are buying a rather expensive "product." Now imagine that you will have a commitment of more than 10 years to this “product.” In addition, your purchase will become an integral part of your family's happiness and safety. This is a serious decision.  

Knowing the kind of commitment an animal takes, don’t you want to purchase from a breeder who is an expert, truly cares about dogs and is proud of making perfect matches?

We take this responsibility seriously. We want families to be glowing with happiness two weeks after they take their puppy or adult home and two years after. We want you to know this is the best dog you have ever owned. We want you come back for a second dog.

Grünberg puppies are cared for in a loving home (just like yours) and in a pristine environment. A relationship with Grünberg is a relationship that will last a lifetime.


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In addition, all pups are raised on a raw, whole foods diet. Please chose the complete diet that is right for your family and pup from the following link:
Grunberg has worked closely with this reputable company and we highly recommend their offering of high quality, US sourced proteins. Call today to create an easy subscription for your pup.