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Raw Diet

Grunberg's journey to Raw began 15+ years ago. I've lived on a farm for most of my life, eating unprocessed whole foods. So, why wasn't I offering the same option to my dogs? While I peered into my dogs' dishes, I asked, "Who would want to eat dried up, brown nuggets every day, for my whole life?" I knew some thing had to change.

"They" thought I was crazy. My vet said I was going to kill my dogs. I got a new vet. My friends and colleagues said my customers wouldn't sign on. Actually, some people chose Grunberg because I feed raw exclusively. I was told it was too expensive. So are frequent trips to the vet.

Grunberg is committed to a raw, complete, whole foods diet. Feeding raw is more than just flipping a steak to your dog. After years of research, practice, assessment and analysis from my holistic vet, I feed a foundational meal based on the prey model. Next, I elevate the quality of the diet by adding in various seasonal, species friendly foods and individualize through supplements, according to each dog's needs. I also draw from what the farm offers. Grunberg recently purchased 2 milk cows rated A2A2 in order to wean pups on raw, easily digestible milk. That's the kind of commitment you are getting from Grunberg.

Anyone can draw the connection between excellent diet and healthy dogs. What does that mean for you, the customer? Simple. Healthy, fit parents produce the healthiest puppies. At Grunberg, you will find vibrant little chunks of shepherd! The puppies enjoy their food and take to the weaning process with ease. No upset tummies here!

There's a saying that goes something like "Do what is right, not what is easy." At the start of my career, I knew I wanted a top shelf, humane breeding program, or none at all. I knew deep, down in my gut that feeding raw was the right thing to do and the best for the dogs. My promise to you and my passion for shepherds all come together in a happy, healthy puppy.





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In addition, all pups are raised on a raw, whole foods diet. Please chose the complete diet that is right for your family and pup from the following link:
Grunberg has worked closely with this reputable company and we highly recommend their offering of high quality, US sourced proteins. Call today to create an easy subscription for your pup.