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Marisa, breeder of german shepherds in Asheville, NCBreeding Strategy

Deciding which dogs to breed is a complex process. Grünberg Shepherds starts with dogs that have very good, consistent pedigrees; that is, the pedigree has consistently produced certain traits. Germans keep track of every breeding and every puppy. We believe "puppies are a genetic wish," but you can increase your chances of producing the ideal if you use foundational pedigrees.

The next step is to match male to female. Who brings what to the table? What would we like to improve with this dog and who can bring that into the breeding?

Grünberg Shepherds always keeps in mind the German standard for the breed. Are both parents excellent family companions? Nerve strength is a must and excellent temperament. We also want to be sure there is no cowardice in the dog. We look for a dog that stands beside you no matter what.

The parents must be multi-functional. They must be able to participate in normal family functions such as attending soccer games, watching the kids in the back yard and accompanying their handler on trips.

But the most important question is this: Would we want a puppy from this litter?

Pregnancy and birth

Care starts even before conception. All our breeding stock is under the care of a traditional Western Vet and an Eastern Vet who practices acupuncture, chiropractic and herbal therapies.

Dogs must be in great physical shape before they are bred. Once a female has been bred, we keep a careful eye on her but she is not babied—that is not healthy. Pregnant females are not kept in a kennel, but are encouraged to have plenty of exercise and fun. The girls are kept happy because any stress can go right through to the pups. We want our girls to have wonderful pregnancies. During this time, they get really sweet and even the strongest of bitches seem to crave (human) female company.

Grünberg’s philosophy about whelping is for us to be as non-intrusive as possible. As any woman will tell you, birthing is hard work. It is what any bitch will tell you, too! So we don't distract her or interfere. This is one of the reason Grünberg loves work-lines bitches. They see a job and they do it, and we are there to observe and support. If we are needed, we are there.

Birthing is a wonderful excuse to settle in the whelping house with a good book and a warm blanket. All our girls have done such a good job. Instinctually, they clean their pups and nurse them, as they should. We praise them, stay quiet and calm, and give them raw honey and yogurt if they want nourishment.

The first seven weeks

german shepherd puppiesJust as a pregnancy causes great excitement at Grünberg, puppies are greatly fussed over. Thirteen-year-old Lily is very active in the raising process. The first week, we let the Mother rest, finish her raspberry leaf tea and nurse her pups. We sit with the pups, stroke them, and handle paws so they become used to a human touch. Before puppies can walk, Lillian can often be found reading a book with several of them nestled around her. Grünberg’s small size gives us many opportunities for special time and individual attention for each and every puppy.

Puppies are weaned on fresh raw milk from the farm down the road. We follow Wendy Volhard’s feeding schedule recommendations. Puppies and lactating mothers are fed the best, freshest ingredients—local organic when possible.

Puppies get a lot of playtime and some breed-specific puppy tests we have developed. The pups are exposed to various farm noises and animals, floor textures, and regular family rhythms. They get lots of physical affection and tons of kisses on their little faces.  

We care deeply that puppies get the best possible first seven weeks of their lives.  

How much exercise should I give my puppy?

Grunberg is often asked "How much is too much exercise? What type of games are healthy for my pup?" Here is a helpful article from Dr. Karen Becker that addresses these concerns. Exercises for Young Dogs







German Shepherd puppies, Asheville NC

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Upcoming Litters for 2021

At Grünberg Shepherds, the arrival of a litter is always cause for celebration!

We accept deposits at any time for our puppies. Puppies cost $3,200 with pick of the litter of either sex selling for $3,500. Half of full purchase price is required (with deposit contract) as a nonrefundable deposit to secure a position in any litter.

Payment Instructions
1. Click on the Pay Now button.
2. On the Order Summary Page, in the Item Price Box, which is under the Purchase of Puppy or Dog line, fill in the amount provided by Marisa.
3. Under the Quantity line, click on Update.
4. Select the applicable section in the "Choose a way to pay" section and proceed with checkout.

Please contact us for more information by calling Marisa at 802.379.5462.

Meet Thor on FacebookWant to keep current on the latest litters and cute puppy pictures?? Click here to go to the official Grunberg Shepherds' Facebook page, The Book of Thor. Not only will you get the latest news at Grunberg, but videos and photos of available puppies.


 german shepherd puppiesGetting the right puppy

Our specialty at Grünberg Shepherds is making the right match.  We discourage making impulse decisions.  

Everyone has heard of a pup being a lifelong commitment, but German Shepherds in particular need to be part of the family because of their high pack drive. The pack drive is the dog's desire to want to be with its handler, one of the traits we so love in shepherds!

Our pups deserve a lifetime commitment. Should that not be possible (we understand circumstances can change) Grünberg Shepherds has a first right of refusal clause written in our purchase agreement. That certainly speaks to our loyalty to our dogs!

Anyone who wants a wonderful family companion with a rock solid temperament can go in blindfolded to any of our litters and pick a pup. However, some families have particular needs. Some want more drive for higher training while others want a lower-key dog. Some potential owners want protection or agility or breeding.

We act as your advocate when you come to Grünberg Shepherds. We try to understand a day in your life of and work you not only to select the best pup but to give you support afterward.  

Shipping a puppy

Puppies are carefully shipped through Northwest Airlines’ "VIP" program that ensures white-glove treatment of your precious investment. Grünberg puppies can be shipped across the United States and arrive safely into your arms, ready and able to inspire smiles.

The cost of shipping varies, and is the responsibility of the new owners. However, we make all the necessary arrangements.




Puppy Deposit Contract

Puppy Guarantee/Bill of Sale

Hip positioning video

In addition, all pups are raised on a raw, whole foods diet. Please chose the complete diet that is right for your family and pup from the following link:
Grunberg has worked closely with this reputable company and we highly recommend their offering of high quality, US sourced proteins. Call today to create an easy subscription for your pup.