Grünberg Shepherds

"Where peace of mind is just r
another member of the family"

Kevin's life with a Dani/Lucien daughter


Grunberg Shepherds Asheville North CarolinaGrunberg Shepherds Asheville North CarolinaI found Grunberg because my great friend and mentor has had two Grunberg dogs. They are hands down the most intelligent, caring and incredible animals I have ever come across. From the moment I contacted Marisa, I knew I had found the perfect breeder. Grunberg Shepherds Asheville North CarolinaHer love and expertise of German Shepherds is unrivaled. What sets her apart fromGrunberg Shepherds Asheville North Carolina other breeders is that she does not treat this as a business only. Every puppy is treated as a family member and as such, the quality of dog you are receiving is unbeatable. You are getting the Maybach of German Shepherds.

Grunberg Shepherds Asheville North CarolinaWe spoke many times about what I was looking for in a dog and companion and she always responded quickly. By the time I got to Grunberg to pick out my puppy, we had already narrowed the decision process. Marisa knew the temperament and disposition of every puppy and exactly what I was looking for. The intelligence of a Grunberg dog is implausible. Grunberg Shepherds Asheville North CarolinaI picked out my puppy (Upland) and drove her all the way back to my apartment in Manhattan, 13 hours. Upland has since adapted to the big city unbelievably quickly.

At 4 months old she was flying in cabin cross country with me, riding the subways of NYC and had fully mastered all the basic obedience commands…at 4 months old! She is now 10 months old, comes to the office with me and is truly my best friend.

The relationship with Grunberg doesn’t end after you get your puppy. I continue contact with Marisa as my dog mentor now and occasionally brag a little bit about how amazing Upland truly is. I challenge you to find a better German Shepherd breeder, you won’t. Feel free to contact me at my email address if you have any questions about Grunberg, the process or having a German Shepherd in a big city.

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