Grünberg Shepherds

"Where peace of mind is just r
another member of the family"

Sr. Patrolman Chris Tetreault and K-9 Officer Kubo


Grunberg Shepherds Asheville North Carolina

I am a Police Officer in Vermont whose Department was gearing up to seek out the best all-around Patrol/Detection K9. My department researched many different breeders but didn’t have the renowned history of superb genetics until we came across Grunberg Shepherds. Marisa’s ideology of picking the right puppy for the right job was on point when I was united with Kubo. We became inseparable from the beginning and that very same loving compassion blended well with my wife and two young children. As a puppy, I brought Kubo to work with me every day, integrated him with what’s it’s like to be a Police Officer as he was mentored by our- now retired Malinois. Anyone who knows Malinois, know that they constantly have high drive; Kubo’s play drive was none that I’ve ever seen and he was always alongside the Mali keeping up with whatever training session we were doing. Throughout the months, watching Kubo grow, his markings stood out amongst other Shepherds, not a typical Shepherd, one that imprints a lasting memory in someone on their first sight. At the age of 11 months, we attended Vermont’s Police K9 Patrol School graduating with exceptional marks in Tracking, evidence recovery, handler protection, building searches, general and tactical obedience, agility, and apprehension.

When Kubo is off-duty, he’s home with me and my family but is always on alert; he’s very loyal, playful and protective which I wouldn’t trade those traits for any other.

January 2017, we will be attending the Vermont Police K9 Drug School and feel he will be in top of his class because he is very methodical when he searches.